What is a bay window?

bay windowA bay window unit projects out from the wall of the house. It contains three window units. The middle unit is parallel with the wall. Ventilating units of double hung or casement windows are typically selected for the opposing side units. A picture window is typically selected for the center unit.

What is a bow window?

bow windowA bow window unit also projects outward from the wall of the house. The bow may contain from three to six window units which will all be equal in size. Although each window is straight the bow unit will form a curve. Ventilating casement units are typically selected sometimes along with non-operating picture window units.

What is a good location for a bow or bay window?

You may have an old bow or bay window that needs to be replaced. Also any picture window is a great location for a new bow or bay. The new projecting unit is custom made and will not require costly and time consuming structural changes. It will add new dimension to the room and the exterior of the home. It can be tied into an overhang or installed with an optional roof assembly.

Bow and Bay Window Features: